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Lead Singer Syndrome (with Shane Told) is a podcast where 15 year touring veteran Shane Told (of Silverstein) interviews other lead singers to talk about what it's really like to front a professional, touring, Rock 'n Roll band.  

Episode 80: Brian Swindle (Have Mercy)

This week Brian Swindle of Have Mercy joins the show, calling in from Shane's FAVORITE place ever - Houston, Texas. They discuss their new record being the comeback from their "sophomore slump", how hard it is to define Have Mercy under a specific genre, and how losing members of the band has affected Brian personally. Bonus: Brian spills the beans on an upcoming acoustic project!

Episode 79: Brian Burkheiser (I Prevail)

In this 2nd of a 2-parter with both I Prevail frontmen, I speak with Brian Burkheiser, the clean vocalist. We discuss their calculated success, being terrified of dealing with overnight success, and how he figured out he could sing while riding in his buddy's car one day.

Episode 78: Eric Vanlerberghe (I Prevail)

The first of an I Prevail 2-parter with both frontmen! Screamer/unclean vocalist/yeller/whatever you wanna call it, Eric Vanlerberghe joins the show. Topics include their rapid rise to fame, being very calculated in their decisions, how they write songs, and a scary moment when their bus caught fire.

Episode 77: Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams,

Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids joins the show this week. A massive influence of Shane's, without The Get Up Kids, Silverstein would have never formed. Matt and Shane discuss TGUK's place in the 90's emo scene, The Emo Game, Matt's 15 year old daughter's budding solo career, and writing custom songs for his fans. Matt also talks about new Get Up Kids songs that may be coming out in the near future.

Episode 76: K.Flay

Alt-pop/hip-hop artist, basketball fan and coffee drinker K.Flay joins Shane on the show this week. Fresh off the release of her new album "Every Where is Somewhere", they discuss her upbringing in the midwest where music was surprisingly not a focus in her life, her transition from rapping into singing, co-writing with Pharell, Trump, her departure from RCA records, and her stint on Warped Tour.

Episode 75: John Henry (Darkest Hour, The Primals)

Darkest Hour frontman John Henry calls into the show during a car ride from LA to Las Vegas to play a "concert". During the lengthy chat with Shane they discuss his distaste for Victory Records, the longevity of Darkest Hour, how his voice has evolved, and how Darkest Hour is basically a punk band in how they operate.

Episode 73: Dan Marsala (Story of the Year)

Shane's good friend and Story of the Year frontman Dan Marsala joins the show to talk about the upcoming crowd funded Story of the Year album, what it was like to get so much popularity so fast, and what the band has gone through over 15 years of ups and downs. Bonus: Dan and Shane discuss their bromantic past.

Episode 72: Walter Schriefels (Quicksand, RIval Schools, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today)

Huge episode! Gorilla Biscuits guitarist / Quicksand singer / Rival Schools singer / Youth of Today bassist Walter Schreifels joins the show. A wearer of many hats since starting Youth of Today in the mid 1980's, Walter discusses the early days of New York Hardcore, how he got the confidence to transition from guitar player to lead singer, and the move to a major label for Quicksand and Rival Schools. Also discussed are his new super group Vanishing Life and his other project Dead Heavens.

Episode 71: Scott Lewis (Carnifex)

Carnifex's Scott Ian Lewis sits down with Shane before their show at Lee's Palace in Toronto. As frontman of one of the most "under the radar" bands in the Deathcore genre, Scott explains their struggle with former label Victory Records, their hiatus which got him through a hard period of time personally, and their revitalization and growth on the last two albums. Also discussed is Scott's approach to writing, his theatre background, and the current state of the Deathcore genre.

Episode 70: Matisyahu

Gold selling and Grammy nominated Jewish reggae superstar Matisyahu joins the show this week! This super unique chat includes: his change in appearance and how it affected his career, trying to find that "lightning in the bottle" mainstream success again, having a cult following, the art of improvising on stage, and bringing children on the road.

Episode 68: Justin Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack)

Motion City Soundtrack frontman Justin Pierre takes time away from cleaning his floors for a long chat with Shane. Recently, Motion City Soundtrack decided to call it quits after nearly 20 years of non-stop touring and putting out records both on indie and major labels. Justin and Shane discuss "retirement", his previous drug and alcohol problems, the struggles of singing and songwriting, the fake Silverstein/MCS beef on Warped Tour, and his upcoming solo record.

Episode 67: Shawn and Dennis of Alesana

Dennis and Shawn of Alesana take a little time out their day off on tour to call Shane from everyone’s favourite home away from home on tour - Starbucks. They talk everything from their enormous and unexpected success in Latin America, being a part time band, becoming almost completely DIY, and their elaborate song writing processes.

Episode 66: Scott Vogel (Terror, Buried Alive, Despair, Slugfest, Fadeaway)

Terror's Scott Vogel joins Shane after returning from Mexico where he was going through 2 weeks of surgery for his neck and back, after taking years of abuse as the frontman of various hardcore bands over the past 25 years. The conversation includes Scott's relationship with his family, the changing ethics in hardcore, "Vogelisms", and Shane's love of Scott's former band Buried Alive, who put out his favorite hardcore record of all time.

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Episode 65: Sherri DuPree Bemis (Eisley, Perma)

Eisley's Sherri DuPree-Bemis joins the show for a super honest and thorough chat about motherhood while still being a full time musician, getting signed to a major label at such a young age, taking over all the lead vocal duties on their new record, and her marriage to Say Anything frontman Max Bemis.

Episode 64: Jack Grisham (T.S.O.L., The Joy Killer)

Today we have a real Punk Rock LEGEND on the show. Mr. Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L. joins Shane to talk about the band being back together and on the Warped Tour after their debut record came out 36 years ago. Jack, notorious for his on stage antics, says he "never thought he'd live this long", and talks about the early days of the LA Punk scene, his practice as a hypnotherapist in California, and the song "Code Blue" which features the classic horror punk lyrics, "I want to fuck the dead". An awesome listen.

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Episode 63: Vic Fuentes (Pierce The Veil)

Pierce The Veil frontman, and Shane's old buddy Vic Fuentes joins the show (finally) to discuss growing up with punk rock and the importance of still incorporating it into his music, staying grounded and still striking the drums, and why it takes Vic so long to write. He also talks about his very long warm up ritual before shows, and how his Mom prefers when he sings in a lower register.

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Episode 62: Max Kerman (Arkells)

Arkells frontman Max Kerman joins the show to discuss the massive success they've had in Canada (Three top 5 albums, two number 1 singles, and multiple Juno awards including Group of the Year twice), his unique upbringing and high school life in Downtown Toronto, and their very last minute band name change that they are now forever stuck with.

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Episode 61: Davey Muise (Vanna)

At 8 months old, Davey Muise (of Vanna) was left abandoned in a dresser drawer as his drug lord parents were busted by the federal police in a massive raid in Boston, MA. The police found him hours later. He was adopted, but his adopted parents had a divorce. Later in his life, he had a child with a women he loved, and after raising the child for 2 months, he found out it wasn't his. Davey fell into darkness of depression and addiction, only to pull himself out using music. Now, he's not only the frontman of Boston's finest Vanna, but also traveling around America speaking at high schools about his story, inspiring kids to find their passion.