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Lead Singer Syndrome (with Shane Told) is a podcast where 15 year touring veteran Shane Told (of Silverstein) interviews other lead singers to talk about what it's really like to front a professional, touring, Rock 'n Roll band.  

Episode 50: Jonny Craig (Dance Gavin Dance, Slaves, Emarosa)

There isn't a much more polarizing figure in music than Jonny Craig.  His fans love him, and credit him with bringing soul inspired vocals into heavy music.  But he is also known for controversy, scandals, and a long running battle with drug addiction.  Now a month sober, Jonny sits down with Shane to discuss moving forward, but also his troubled past, which has led to his horrible reputation in the scene.

Show notes:

What You May Not Know About Jonny Craig

  • Only 2 members in Slaves, Colin and Jonny

  • Left his house at age 15 and went to California

  • European 10th Anniversary Tour with Dance Gavin Dance

What’s Next For Slaves

  • Finished a recent single that’s about to be put out

  • Recording a new album soon with Colin

  • Taking the band in a completely different direction

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