Lead Singer Syndrome. Presented by JabberJaw Media

Lead Singer Syndrome (with Shane Told) is a podcast where 15 year touring veteran Shane Told (of Silverstein) interviews other lead singers to talk about what it's really like to front a professional, touring, Rock 'n Roll band.  

Episode 108: Donovan Melero (Hail The Sun)

Lead Drummer Syndrome? Today we have the amazing singer/drummer of Hail The Sun, Donovan Melero. While on their first tour overseas with SIlverstein, we talk about their late blooming ways - finally signing to Equal Vision Records after being an underground band since 2009, his busy schedule also having a side job as a booking agent, and how difficult it is to play technical drums and sing at the same time. Also - Donovan talks about recording their new album with Beau Burchell (of Saosin) and almost spills the beans on their upcoming tour plans.


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