Lead Singer Syndrome. Presented by JabberJaw Media

Lead Singer Syndrome (with Shane Told) is a podcast where 15 year touring veteran Shane Told (of Silverstein) interviews other lead singers to talk about what it's really like to front a professional, touring, Rock 'n Roll band.  

Episode 19: Warped Tour Special Part 1 - feat. Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens), Aaron Barrett (Reel Big Fish), Daniel Wand (Capsize)

BIG EPISODE!  Shane talks to Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens), Aaron Barrett (Reel Big Fish) and Daniel Wand (Capsize) about their thoughts and feelings on performing on this years Warped Tour.  Too much in this episode to just sum it up in a few sentences, so just listen.  And, MAKE SURE YOU'RE SUBSCRIBED!  This is just part 1, part 2 is out TOMORROW, with 3 more great singers also appearing on Warped Tour.  Tickets are on sale now for this one-of-a-kind festival.  There is nothing quite like it in the world.  

Thanks to Kevin Lyman and everyone at Warped for their help this week.  And as always thanks to the team at Jabberjaw media as well.  It was a lot of work putting this together I hope you enjoy!