Lead Singer Syndrome. Presented by JabberJaw Media

Lead Singer Syndrome (with Shane Told) is a podcast where 15 year touring veteran Shane Told (of Silverstein) interviews other lead singers to talk about what it's really like to front a professional, touring, Rock 'n Roll band.  

Episode 92: Josh Scogin (The Chariot, '68, Norma Jean)

Shane sits down with his buddy and '68/The Chariot/ex-Norma Jean frontman Josh Scogin. One of the most critically acclaimed heavy bands of the last decade, The Chariot announced their breakup suddenly in 2013 after a Warped Tour stint where they were arguably as big as ever. Shortly after, Scogin announced his new project '68, a 2 piece band where he now picked up the guitar as well. We talk about the learning curve of becoming a guitar player/singer, looking back on the legacy of The Chariot, touring in Siberia, and the time Silverstein covered The Chariot in their hometown.